16 November, 2016

Taking Stock - November

Making : a rabbit & a whole bunch of other stuff that is currently being ignored.
Cooking :  date loaf, lemon drizzle cakes...  they keep disappearing.
Drinking :  water with lemon
Reading:  Christmas at Rosie Hopkins Sweet Shop
Trawling:  Pinterest
Wanting:  things to work out.
Looking:  forward to festivities.
Deciding:  on many things for the Christmas season.
Wishing:  Christmas wasn't quite so close yet.  
Enjoying:  so many things right now.
Waiting:  for motivation to come to finish off some things.
Liking:  what I have achieved for Christmas so far.  😀
Wondering:  If Santa will do a good job this year.  😉
Loving:  that the boys are enjoying Milo cricket so much.
Pondering: you know I can't really say I ponder much...  have to have a think...
Listening:  Pentatonix new Christmas album.
Considering:  Christmas
Buying:  surprises...
Watching:  Downton Abbey right through...
Hoping:   that work gets busier!
Cringing: at how fast time is flying...  won't be long at it will be the new school year!
Needing:  more time.
Smelling: freshly mown grass
Wearing: some summer things!  Finally...
Noticing:  so many weeds
Knowing:  summer will come eventually
Thinking: about the list for holiday supplies
Disliking:  such a lot of rain always on the weekends.  
Opening:  lots of parcels in the mail.  
Giggling: a t the birds trying to eat the bugs in the webs on the outside of the windows.
Feeling: organised
Hearing:  Christmas music on Pandora radio...  🎅

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Anonymous said...

Wow! That sure is a long list of" Taking Stock."