07 November, 2016

More Making

Another rainy day meant making inside.  The gardening was on hold again & the main gardener here was back in the garage building a bit more.  Our chicken house is progressing well.  

More lemons were picked by little people so I bothered with the lemon cordial.  This is the one I make each summer.  I do less sugar though than it says.  I think it have it down to about 500g which still seems like a lot.  

Also made one of these Lemon Drizzle cakes on Sunday but it didn't last 2 hours!  So another one today.  It's so very good.  

Plus, a Ginger sponge which is good.  We have made 5 of those in the last 2 weeks.  I have given 4 of them away though.  Today's went up the hill.  

A Pokemon Battle which I lost this time.  

A busy day where it felt like I did nothing really.  But it was busy all day.  Felt like I spent most of the time washing dishes!  I hate days like that.  But all in all a good long weekend.

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