01 August, 2016

Week 27

I'm almost caught up so I am pleased about that.  Started to look quite daunting that pile to finish off.  But here is week 27 plus one from the previous week.  The "weeds" that are first took me a little bit as I didn't like the original design so had to think on it.  So I have dandelions.  That one then completed one side along with the other garden ones I posted the other day.  The fountain then starts the opposite side.  Again I changed one.  The vegetable garden is my design.  Again the original wasn't quite "right" for me.  So I changed it rather a lot...  Ok, completely.   
(the background fabrics are all the same but it depends on lighting at the moment on how they show up!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love them all. The water fountain looks very real. The fruit, flowers and birds have all a lot of detail.