29 August, 2016

Jurassic Park At Home

Sunday morning started with the boys playing Jurassic World.  They were hunting around the house.  Like this....

I thought it would be fun instead to send them outside to hunt for dinos.  So I found all the toy ones ( we can't remember if there were 14 or 15!) &  I made some "tickets" for them to enter Jurassic Park.  

After finding half, the little girl next door spotted the boys & wanted to be out with them.  So she came to hunt for dinos too.  They had good fun all morning outside together.  

We were outside till mid afternoon actually in the end, burning all our tree rubbish.  So lots of play, toasted marshmallows & mud.  Was terrific fun.

BJ then surprised us with his own hunt that he made for us.  He came out with pages he had managed to set up with images & all.  I'm still super impressed he figured out how to put images on a word doc all by himself - after watching the teacher...  so Stuart & I went hunting for Minecraft critters in the garden later on.  He was rapt with doing one & even more rapt that he figured out the picture thing himself.  Not as impressed as we are!  

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Anonymous said...

What a terrific idea to start the day. But how clever of BJ to use a word document and make up his own game.!!!!