08 August, 2016

Taking Stock - August

Making :  so many things, quilting, knitting, embroidering...  
Cooking : well it seems this week I have to make cupcakes for the RSPCA cupcake fundraiser at school!  
Drinking :  herbal tea
Reading:  The Tenderness of Wolves - Steff Penney
Wanting:  More time to read, more time to make, more time to play games with the boys!  lol
Looking:  At ideas for the school Father's Day stall.
Enjoying:  the recent calmness in my big boy.
Wondering: how bad the next power bill will be!
Loving: old episodes of The Bill on iview
Listening: audio books from the library website.
Considering: options.
Buying: just groceries really!  
Watching:  Olympics of course! 
Hoping:  no harm comes to anyone in Rio during the course of the Olympics.
Needing:  sleep
Smelling:  freshness after some rain
Wearing: a lot of layers
Noticing:  Spring is on the way
Playing:  lots of games with the boys after tea time.  Too Many Monkeys, Pop to the Shops, Sleeping Queens,                     Skip Bo, There's a Moose in the House.
Disliking: having colds
Helping:  kids at school learn to knit.
Hearing:  BJ practice piano.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful long Stock-take list. Can relate to quite a few of them..