17 August, 2016

Science Week

Science week has been a big deal at school this week.  There was even an expo held with all the schools science work on display for everyone to visit.  It was really good.  Very well done on the part of all the teachers.  

Months ago however, BJ was working on a writing piece for a competition as it turns out.  It was a statewide competition writing something about "Drones, Droids & Robots".  That was the theme I think & they even had some drone experts come to school to talk & demonstrate a drone!  How cool!  
Anyway, turns out BJ got an encouragement award in that writing comp.  We were pretty stoked for him.  

The Kinder class even had some work on show & some hands on experimenting that people could try.  Robots were fairly big throughout the year & DJ had a picture of his on the wall.  

Spotted another piece of his under the "How Things Move" section.  

It was all very cool.  Such interesting things to do in class.  Lucky them.  It seems like a lot of fun.

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