03 November, 2012

Show Day

The local show is really quite small in our town.  Actually, it looked about half the size of last year!  Not a good sign of things to come.  It started off a bit raining but it didn't stay so that was a good thing!  

BJ had a great ride in these boats that I had never seen before.  Dodgem Boats?  Very cool!  He did really well driving it.  DJ is behind him in the green jumper.  He so wanted in there!  

BJ had a major haul when his aunts treated him to a show bag.  They wanted to treat both boys but DJ at one year old doesn't need one so he missed out!  (Sorry DJ, but no doubt they will make up for it when you are older!)  BJ was so proud of his bag that was nearly as big as him!  It was so cute seeing him walking back to us very proud of his Hot Wheels bag which had a hat inside!   

DJ had his first ride on something.  Quite fitting that it was Thomas as he is turning into quite the Thomas fan. We spend a lot of time at home looking at Thomas books with him.  

Finally home with two very tired boys & BJ is proud to show off his Hot Wheels haul!  


Sally said...

My E. got the hot wheels show bag when we went to this show too. I thought it was a pretty good haul really ... especially since his grandmother had posted over the money for it!!!

Bron said...

Yay for Aunties that spoil our kids...he looks very proud of his haul indeed. xxx