10 November, 2012

Old And New

The last few days have been lovely with the boys.  They have been a pleasure & agreeable in all things which has been lovely!  

This morning I was out & about on my own!  Only for an hour but still!  Yay!  I stopped at a garage sale & found a bag of toy soldiers - you know those little green men stuck in one pose forever?  BJ knows them from the Toy Story movies where they move about the house.  lol  This bag of soldiers had cars, trucks & ambulances, planes & missiles! We even found a couple of Indians & cowboys!  BJ & DJ had a play together though BJ did get upset about DJ adding the red car which "doesn't match!!!"  (sounds like me!)  Once DJ was down for a nap BJ had a fine old time playing with them for a few hours.  Definitely got my $3 worth already today!  Don't you love that!  Sutart & I did laugh while sitting in the room listening to him play.  He put the couple of red figures in the corner of the table & said they were having a party!  hehehe...  as you do.  The rest are yellow & green.  Bad ones & nice ones as it turns out.  

Yesterday I went to the post office!   Quite something for me these days.  Since I had no boys with me as I was on my way to work I stopped for a quick look at the books as they do have some interesting things in there at times.  I found this book "How the World Works".  It looked really cool.  Lots of pull tabs, opening out leaflets, & these pop ups!  This is right up BJ's alley.  He is a curious kid that seems to be quite scientific minded at times, so this was going to be fun.  We had fun reading it this morning!  Well looking at the bits that Mummy had a clue about anyway.  There are some bits that are Daddy's department I'm afraid.  Even reading it will confuse me!  But we had fun looking at the pop ups, checking out the things that fly about in space, pulling out tabs that made the earth move so make earthquakes or volcanes!  All very cool to a young boy!  Definitely worth the $15 from Aussie Post!  


Bron said...

My boy has had lots of fun with his soldier dudes as well....most of his were my hubby's ...they last for years. Boys are the same over no matter what age. x

Sally said...

Going to the post office always terrifies me a little these days... they line up so many things along the queue and then I stand there waiting and the shopping just happens!!!
Loving those toy soldiers. Great value for sure.