07 November, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Wow, Wednesday seems to come around fast doesn't it?

Well I have got my back!  Well actually here DJ has it.  I told you last week didn't I that DJ will sit on something as soon as I put it down to take a picture!  Anyway, this is a terrible picture I know, but how do you photograph a back side?  lol   It's done anyway & I just did the lace starting rows for one of the front pieces.  Yay!  That took forever on the back.  Of course the front is half the stitches so went more quickly!  Plus I had a clue about what I was doing this time!

So that's me...  knitting away.  Watching the final of Big Brother tonight & knitting away!  That's the plan anyway & anything could happen between then & now to change that plan!  There will be a chapter of Adventures of the Wishing Chair in the somewhere though.

Jump in & play with us this Wednesday won't you?

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

& jumping in on here too!


Chez Roo said...

Exciting progress!

Svetlana said...

oh, how fun! Thanks for linking up to wip Wednesday

Alisa said...

such a cute photo.....love those feet!!

emedoodle said...

OOOh cute baby feet on a WIP - that's the best kind of picture!

Sally said...

Taking photos with children and a cat around is so darn tricky some times. I love your "keeping it real" shots. They make me smile... because the scenes are all too familiar.
I have some funny shots to post later today when I get my bloggy mojo.