29 November, 2012

Thirty One

I went for just over a week without making a hat!  But here is number 31!  A friend wanted a couple for her girls.  She has a great fabric supply too so she picked the main fabric.  So this one was getting butterflies!  It's got sparkly bits in it too!  I matched the fabric with something at work.  I was hoping they didn't mind the purple inside as pinks looked awful with it!  Really, really bad!  Horrible even!  The purple looked really pretty.  Lucky for me the little girl loved it & wore it most of the morning at playgroup where I gave it to her!  

That's rather a lot of hats in just two months!  I had a rough idea but went through the blog pages & counted!  


Bron said...

Awesome effort.!!!xxx

Sally said...

That's a lot of hats.
Cute photo too!