02 December, 2012

Did You Decorate Yet?

December 1st has been & gone!  Did you get your Christmas decorations up?  Or don't you bother yet as it's too early?  Or did you do it last week?  I can't believe how many times I heard this week that you can't do it before the 1st as it's bad luck!  Bad luck from what?  I don't do that luck stuff .  Growing up I think we only decorated the week before or not much earlier as that is when the real trees were for sale at the petrol station!  I was in my own little world then not having a clue that people decorated earlier than that with a fake tree!  Ekkk... fake trees?  I love them now!  So easy!  

Yesterday we couldn't put it off any longer though.  BJ has been waiting for decorating day for about 5 months!  lol  I just have to get used to not having a modern, trendy decorated tree.  I get the kid decorated tree!  BJ said it was so beautiful!  & you know!  He's right!  It's not perfect!  It has his ornaments on it that he made at playgroup & kinder.  It has a bunch of non-breakable stuff on it for DJ to play with, as I know he will.  It has the boys Hallmark ornaments on it that have become our tradition.  DJ hasn't got one for this year yet though.  We fixed that yesterday & ordered it online.  Lucky for me I have a sister in law in New York that I could have it shipped to as they don't ship out of the USA.  They have loads more ornaments over there than we have released here in Aus.  It was hard to choose!

I also got my other tree finished!  
If you read here on Wednesday, I was cutting fabric for a tree & ran out.  Well I did get more on Thursday & finished sewing this together that day.  But I still couldn't decide what to put in the centre of my sections.  I  have loads of little things in the cupboard but not 10 of anything matching.  So Friday I took it to work & just got these other star buttons.  I finally got them on last night & it's done!  Yay!  It's pretty cute!  It was an easy make.  Just a little fiddly.  But I can cut corners if I have all the embellishments handy at the start.  Next time I will.  I enjoyed making it & am thinking of who I could make one for for Christmas.  I have a couple of people in mind.  We'll see.  I have to dig in my cupboard to see what fabric I have plenty of.  

Enjoy your Sunday!  I sure will!


Sally said...

Nope. No decorating for us. E. wanted to call a family meeting to discuss the situation but has since forgotten... I'm sure he'll remember soon. I like to put the decorations up on Dec. 14, the day after M's birthday. I'm thinking that the kiddos might want to change this situation, and if it is a-ok with M. then it'll be alright with me too. In my mind I'm ready to compromise with out door lighting to celebrate summer now ... we'll see what goes down at the family cabinet meeting... when and if it is finally called :)

Loving your fabric tree. Your decorations are always so beautiful.

Bron said...

That tree is awesome...looks tricky but effective.
We decorated yesrterday....lots of old decorations that come out year after year loads of memories attached to them. We actually have a smallish house and our tree space is a bit non exoistent this year so it is kind of in the way...oh well we are all big people now and can walk around it for a few weeks....I would love a real tree but the space thing is an issue.