19 December, 2012

WIP Wednesday

It's been a busy sewing week.  I really have had fun though as busy as it is.  

I have just finished sewing up some presents that I can't show you.  I'm really excited about them but it's really not up to me to show them off either as they aren't mine.  I was just helping someone else!  Bummer...  anyway, I will show you those after Christmas!  Hey, that's a week away you know.  This time next week it's Boxing Day here!  That will be nice.  I always enjoy the quiet times of that day.  

Anyway, having sat this afternoon for a bit (watching Days Of Our Lives - but don't tell anyone!) after finishing up the secrets, I felt like something else to do so I got this panel out.  I love it.  Absolutely love it!  It's an Advent Calendar for DJ.  We have one that I made a few years ago - before children.  That will by default be BJ's.  It to is beautiful.  When we got this panel in at work I knew this had to be for DJ.  He's to young yet so I was in no hurry to do it for this year & maybe next year he will be too.  No doubt though with a big brother to help him along it will be necessary for him to have his up then.  I have the backing, pellon, interfacing for pockets & binding all ready to go.  So I have just cut it out & pressed & pelloned & got it ready.  Yay!  I think I even have a hanger for it already since I got one for that calendar I did a few weeks ago but ruined really.  I won't let that happen to this one!  

So that's my project for the rest of the day.  But I won't sit at the machine until 10pm tonight to do it either.  I feel quite a relief that the other things are done!  I think I'm ready!  Bring on Christmas!  

Oh & just one more had to show you.  This is cute, even on my big boy!  & even if it clashes with his red shirt.  

Linking up with these guys again!  

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Only 6 more sleeps!


Bron said...

Is there no end to your creating....love the advent calender...all ahead for next year I am impressed. xxx

Maggie said...

Good idea for everyone to have their own!

Beth said...

Like the idea of making one for each. Now I just need to be ready for Christmas!

landscapelady said...

That hat is adorable! And I am addicted to General hospital so understand. I love the soaps cause you don't have to really pay attention and can do other things like sewing while still being entertained. Happy holidays!