23 December, 2012

Summer Snow

Well not real snow!  Not here, right now.  

But if you were visiting & had a glimpse of this you would wonder!  

We have this white stuff just floating all over at the moment.  It's been fairly breezy too so you can just watching it floating around!  (& causing bad hay fever!)  It's amazing to see really.  

These huge trees are the culprits.  There are only two of them thank heavens as the fluff would be really thick otherwise!  Plus they are actually next door so I can't do too much about it!  They are lovely trees though so I wouldn't like to see them get cut down!  (& yes the sky really does look as bleak as that today, though it's not cold at all!)  

This here is the snow fluff!  
They are funny little umm... seed pods I guess on a stalk & they burst into fluff!  You can see the one on the top of the stick nearest my finger.  It makes me think of cotton.  I imagine this is what cotton picking is like.  (so I must never try that as the hay fever would be really bad!)  

Well I hope you are having a pretty snow than I am if you are in a snowy place!  Or are keeping cool if you are in a stinking hot place!  

2 more sleeps!  

1 comment:

Bron said...

wow how fascinating...not good for you though I am guessing....we nearly took the kids into the city for a fake snow spectacular ....just came to the crunch and realised we didn't need to make the trek with things to do at home...i am sure they will be fine with our scorcher of week.