22 December, 2012

Advent Calendars

I'm having an Advent Calendar blitz!  I showed you the train one the other day.  Well here is a tree.  Then there is also the mantel piece to come.  I'm doing all three at once!  Stupid I know but it was just as easy to cut, iron, wad, iron, then chain piece all the pocket tops.  That was fun actually!  Just put some invisible thread in the machine & away you go!  Seriously... is anyone going to look at what I have sewn it together with?  Nope.  Not when there is chocolate in the pockets!  

This particular calendar is an engagement present!  I gave it to my brother a couple years ago at their engagement party!  I told them I was going to make it for them.  There is no rush as they haven't settled anywhere yet, still just flitting all over the place.  But while I was on a roll & in the mood I am sewing that along with the train & mantel.  The pockets are on this one now.  I might just whip around with the binding tomorrow as I can do some hand stitching sometime maybe.  But I'm not so bothered right now when they get finished!  

Did you have an advent calendar growing up?  I didn't!  I don't recall ever knowing what one was until I was big!  I am sure there were those ones in the supermarket back then too, maybe.  No idea.  But had I seen them I wouldn't have had a clue what it was so wouldn't have asked for it.  Do you have them for your family?  Last year we were given 2 for the boys - the shop ones with the doors you open.  BJ forgot about it for the most part so after Christmas we had about half still.  DJ was still a baby so us big kids got to have a go at his!  But that's not such a good idea as the chocolate is rubbish!  Have you noticed the numbers on an advent calendar?  Some go up to 24 & some up to 25!  Is there a rule, a right or wrong?  Or do those shop ones just put in that extra one depending on the design as to whether they have some room they need to fill?     I wonder?  Enlighten me if you know.  

I'd better stop sewing & playing & get to bed.  Only 3 more sleeps!  

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