17 December, 2012

Hats On Top

Yes I am still sewing hats.  
They are proving to be very popular.  I guess it is a good time of year here for hats to be wanted.  
I have done a few new ones lately but also a bunch of repeats that I haven't show you at all.  
The dino on the left is the same outside as before but I have had to use a different yellow inside.  The gold on the others was a lot better but I can't be fussy when there isn't a fabric available.  
I'm really please with the middle one.  Owls are popular still these days so I am sure it will go to a new home soon.  
The little birdies on the right are cute too.  I had that fabric in my stash.  But it was only half a yard.  Bother.  Turns out there is just not quite enough for a second side in a yard!  Grrr...  I wonder if I will find a smidgen more ever!   Oh well, now I have more scraps I guess.  
I'm glad I found that out though before I get around to buying any yardage online.  Not that I should really but there are so many nice fabrics out there.  
I have a bunch of other sewing to do but probably won't be able to show it until later.  Hopefully that is not because it isn't finished until after Christmas!  

I think DJ is all better now so I hope today is a good one for me & I hope it's a really great one for you!  Only 8 more sleeps!  Ekk.....


Janine said...

These hats are great and I love your Christmas tree and the mice (below) :)

Bron said...

That hat making has served you well...I think you will have more to make yet with summer arriving.
Hope you are all well and stay well for Christmas time. xx