27 December, 2012

Celebrating Christmas

It's done!  It's already 2 days ago!  That means it's 363 days till the next one!  Better get cracking!  

Here are a few pictures from our day.  Santa did drop in at some point on Christmas Eve.  He must have snuck in the front door to put the little parcels of pjs on the boys beds.  BJ was suitably impressed with his new summer Angry birds pjs.  Poor DJ only ended up with boring Winnie the Pooh pjs.  I  Santa couldn't find decent ones with something like Thomas Tank or even Mickey Mouse.  He is still in size 1 so they are limited in the baby section unfortunately!  

Bit of food prep.  We had a small gathering of 7 grown ups & the boys.  DJ was in bed over dinner which was handy for me as I got a peaceful lunch too.  Lunch was a breeze though.  I love doing it.  It's nice to be able to do this for the parents & friends after so many years of eating at their places.  

My creation on Christmas Eve.  We all highly recommend this White chocolate, marshmallow & raspberry Cheese cake!  It wasn't sickly.  It wasn't heavy. Complete with raspberry coulis it was awesome!  

BJ has been about with the camera again in the afternoon.  (my red nail peeled at lunch.  Think I caught it with a knife or something...  so excuse the one daggy nail!  Ekkk...)  

Juneau had her own presents including a pet Christmas cracker with her ball in it.  She was too hot though to play much.  

Some cooling down activities in the afternoon with a present from last Christmas!  The bubble sprinkler is awesome.  Bubbles are so attractive to kids aren't they!  

It's terrible but I don't even have a picture of BJ with his new bike!  We went to the park on Boxing Day for a ride with both boys but I forgot the camera so I was very annoyed with myself.  We have had an awesome couple of days though & Boxing Day was so lovely & restful!  I don't think today will be much different! 

Enjoy your post-Christmas days!  

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Bron said...

What a lovely civil couple of days you have had...the boys would have loved all the attention I bet. Unlike our noisy rabble....and oh so hot for the whole week.
have a lovely post Christmas few days. xx