19 November, 2012

Pirate Sharks

The weekend flew by!  I'm sure we had one!  

It was productive though.  It was a 5 hat weekend!  lol  One more of the black dinosaurs like the other day. All those just disappear.  I don't have much of the dino fabric left!  

We got this new Shiver Me Timbers fabric at work the other day.  I did say that I had a terrible feeling that some of it would find it's way into my bag on Friday.  Well I can hardly leave it there when I have a 4 year old shark & pirate fan can I!  Yes, the sharks have pirate patches on!  lol

So I made 3 of them.  Yep 3!  All the same.  That's OK.  One for the model as pictured, one for his little brother later on down the track & one for work.  This one I used the 2 prints for so it is reversible without being plain on the inside like most of the others I have made.  BJ was funny as he had his on inside for a while & every time I saw him he had turned it the other way!  He loves it obviously!  That might be his hat of choice for the week. 

 I did one more after these 3 but I will show you that along with the next one that is almost finished.  They are different again & so pretty that I think I will need to keep the one that's almost done!  

Time & again we prove at work that you need samples to sell patterns.  On Friday I took 2 hats to show my co-workers.  I did sit them out on the bench.  In the morning I sold 2 of the patterns for the hat!  Yep!  That's cool!  So it really isn't wasted time & effort to make up the samples in the first place that's for sure.


Bron said...

Sharks with pirate patches...no wonder they were a hit. xxx
Have a lovely Monday. x

Sally said...

Such handsome boys. Great hats too.