04 November, 2012

Play On Words

I finally got to give the little brother his sort of birthday present that I had been planning for a while.  He returned this week & we had dinner planned with family.  Nothing fancy, just a local place where there is a good play thing for the kids.  Nice easy relaxed atmosphere even with boys tired from the show.  
He said being 40 isn't bad so far though.  The kids out with us didn't think so either as they got to take a share of the lollipops home.  BJ enjoyed his Melody Pop today - do you remember the whistle ones that the stick pulls in & out to play a tune?  He thought that was really cool fun!  Thank goodness there is only one of those left!  


Sally said...

Too funny!

Bron said...

I love this....my baby sister turns 40 in Dec ...not sure she will like it but I know her five kiddies would though. xxx