27 November, 2012

How Did We Manage In The Olden Days?

I haven't been able to blog for a few days.  Nope.  Been stuck on dial up speed!  Arghhh!  How did we all manage in the olden days of the internet?  I don't think we have used our quota up like that in ages, but we did a bit more quickly this past month.  I guess that will teach us huh?  

We were a bit busy too though!  Not with crafty things though.  Boo!  
But with painting interiors!  Yay!  
Stu suddenly realised that if he wanted it done before Christmas he had better do it now as time was running out fast before then.  The diary is quite full for the coming weekends.  It's exciting for me though!  I like painting.  Fortunately he did the ceiling on Friday & Saturday while I was at work.  I can't do that.  But walls!  Yes I can do walls!  Especially when I get to cover over the attractive orangey colour that was there. The really sad thing was that it was the same colour almost on the ceiling!  Ekkkk!   But we have lightened the room up quite a lot now we think.  It was pretty dark.  I also got my way in having the rotten timber shelf pulled off the wall by the stove.  It was just a grease catcher & I didn't like stuff on it cos it just turned greasy.  So it's gone! It didn't even leave massive holes in the wall to remove it so that was a  relief!  

We did just do one wall a bit different!  It isn't as green as I was hoping but it doesn't matter for it's only a small wall & I could do it easily again if needed!  lol  I just didn't want it the light colour as it's the main traffic wall so will get really grubby I expect!  In any case, the orangey wall is gone & that's the important factor in this project!  lol  

Have a good day!  


Bron said...

It's looking good...nice and fresh will make for a good change....our house is in disarray as we have some renos going on arrrg it makes for a small house even smaller. xxx

Dahra said...

ooooo I love a good renovation post. I think painting makes a huge difference when it come to 'opening up' a space. We still haven't finished off our hallway, we've had plaster sheets hanging round for months...grrrr.