09 October, 2011

Times To Treasure

Yep there has been a bit of nothing going on here. Although when I have 2 boys sleeping on me it is not really doing nothing is it? Though I feel like while they are asleep I should be getting some things done. Well not this time. Not possible. The big boy has been under the weather so was having afternoon naps & miserable times which resulted in a moment like this. Quite precious & something that won't happen a great deal, so I must treasure the moments instead of feeling like I should be doing "stuff"!

Somehow over the last month & a bit though I have got my Spring in September hexagon blanket finished. I did give a little info on this in my previous post. I ended up putting in 116 hexagons of the 120 I had ready to go as 120 is the amount I would get out of 5 colours with each hexagon being different combinations. It looks ok. Lucky for me I had spent the odd 5 or 10 minutes sewing ends in so when the end came I didn't have to do the whole blanket worth of ends. It isn't all that big but will do as a lap blanket or a baby blanket or something. It's not a big deal though. I think it was starting to get quite heavy though. I do like it. I need to put it away for a time though so I don't have to look at it for a bit & then I will like it more. I did a 2 row border of single crochet around the outside. It was all it needed to finish it off I think. It does feel nice & soft in the bamboo/wool mix but I sure won't do bamboo for a blanket again in a hurry. Not anything big anyway.

I also have played around with the frog which BJ saw at work (while I was stocking up on bamboo) & told me he needed one. So being the sucker I am I got the pattern & the lime green minkie kind of fabric. The fabric totally sucks to sew but does feel so nice & soft as a toy. The pattern is Prince Charming by Funky Friends Factory & the original shows a crown on the frog but I gave that a miss. There wasn't much to it, but the fabric made it a challenge & the 4 feet with 4 toes, being rotten curves for sewing also added to the challenge. I'm quite pleased with it though & BJ certainly likes him. Now I have to tackle the duck from the same company. DJ needs one too of course. I need to stock up on more of that rotten fabric I guess. I will be brave because it does feel so nice to hold. I will have to grin & bear it & rise to the challenge of the rotten fabric. (not to mention the fluff it leaves all around the house from cutting it out!)

Also a couple of washcloths that I did last month. I found the beautiful cotton in a local store & HAD to get it of course. (yes I could say I was forced, although a lie, it was the bad angel on my shoulder telling me I HAD to try it!) But it is lovely. It is Snuggly Smiley Stripes by Sirdar & so so very nice to play with. The cloths are nice & are nice to use on DJ. Actually the big hexagon one on the top was my practice hexagon for the blanket. I just added a couple of rows onto it to make it bigger for a cloth. It is nice & I love the colours of both. The store only had 3 of the range of colours. I believe there are 8 different ones. I didn't get the third one available here though as it was all pinks & I am really not a pink person to that extent. A little is good but not all pink.

So there you go. I have been busy, although not blogging. We had no computer for a bit as it broke which is of course a pain in the butt, but it made me do other stuff. You don't realise though how much you use the rotten things until you don't have it & want to. I was also going to jump in with something called Blogtoberfest but I missed too much with no computer so I won't bother now. I will try to have my own little blog event where I actually try my hardest to actually post a wee bit more than I have been.

Now I am off to finish off another project that I started recently, as I want to just tie up a few things before I start on another blanket. I am waiting on my first ever order of wool from the Bendigo Woollen Mills & can't wait. I might do a blanket in wool for a change. Then I will hopefully have made up my mind on the colours I want to use for a ripple blanket for DJ. But there is no hurry in that. I will find plenty more to do in the meantime.

Happy Sunday to you all.

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Taylor Made said...

Oh my you have been ever so busy and with tricky tasks as well. Good on you.

That photo is so beautiful....I really miss those days of such sweetness of tiny little ones.Make the most of those rare moments.
Hey thanks for the fabric ..it arrived and I love it. I am sure I will come up with something funky!