11 October, 2011

Have you checked out this magazine yet?

Wow, I love it! Talk about inspiration. I read one of these & my brain starts ticking over with so much inspiration & ideas until I have a sad moment that I am never going to find time to do all the things I need to do. It's a great mag. Unfortunately way down here we are a bit behind on issues so I have to wait to see the issues that I see on the Mollie Makes site. But it really becomes a whose who of blog world. The first mag I picked up, issue 1 funnily enough, I was reading through feeling like I knew quite a few of the writers & creators in the mag as I have read all the blogs at some point. Really great to find them all in print now. They really are doing well. If you haven't had a look at this mag yet, keep an eye out for it at the shops & pick one up. You won't be disappointed.

1 comment:

Sally said...

I haven't seen one yet... I've heard they're a bit expensive though. Perhaps I'll drop hints to my beloved who has written a lot of IOUs for gifts this year :)