13 October, 2011

More Animals

Well after complaining about the frog in the last post I made another. Ok, so it was easy really, but the toes are a real pain, not hard, just a pain! This frog is going to be heading interstate. Hopefully it doesn't breed & go mad over there to become a problem like the cane toads! At least this one is cute though. I still have enough green Dimple fabric to make another I reckon but I won't. (well not unless I find I need a fast present for someone!)

I also did the duck! He is from the same company of patterns. He is really cute but boy, I am feeling quite clever after making him. He wasn't so easy, what with little pieces here & funny shapes there & sew along line M to N & cut holes in it & stick the legs in with some hand sewing & crazy things like that. But over all, he wasn't hard. The directions were really good & as long as you took the time to follow them it went easily. I don't think I had any mistakes to unpick or anything along the way. He is a cute duck that I am sure DJ will like one day.

& so a lesson came of having to teach the big kid that not all the things I make will be for him now. BJ got the frog the other day & of course wanted the duck. So if you have the duck DJ will have the frog. But no he wants both of them of course. Sorry, but the lesson is a valuable one which after a third discussion he may get a little bit more & is quite happy to let DJ have a turn playing with some of his toys since he knows then he can play with DJ's. Life is tough when you are 3.


Lee-Ann said...

I dont know which one I love more.. the frog or duck, the boys will love them.

Sally said...

Yes. The sibling sharing lesson is a hard one... but not to worry they do get it - eventually. Turn taking is a hot topic in this house. I've been making a point to 'tell' baby that it is either M or E's turn (even though he is fast asleep) so that they are comforted that he has to wait too! Some days it works a treat... other days... well there are somedays that are just shockers aren't there.

Loving your softies. Fancy pancy materials you're using there.

Inthesky said...

Such cute toys and it is nice to know they are in demand. I have an eight year age gap between my sons, they are 15 and 7 I still make them identical toys! lol