20 October, 2011

Eye Tests

It's been a while since I played along with My Creative Space. In fact there is a place just for every one's creative spaces now.

At the moment I am fiddling around with this doll I have made up. Just a Geisha kind of doll that I had in my head & just wanted to see if I could create. It's going ok after a bunch of scrappy tests. I felt very designery playing with scraps & experimenting etc. But I am fiddling with the face now. I am experimenting with faces. Eyes are hard I have discovered, but one thing I have already figured out playing with this is that more simple if often best, so I need to get the needles & pencils & threads & whatever else back out again & try to get some uninterrupted time to figure out what face looks best. We'll see what happens, as I don't want it to look like creepy or anything. Eyes are hard!

Seems the day for eyes, as BJ has to go for a quick visit to the eye place. It's been a drag over the last 2 years, as they don't do anything. Hopefully it will be simple & the last one! Hopefully I can follow that up with a quick eye test here on dolly!

Anyway, go & visit the creative space link above to check out some other clever clog people! Happy Thursday!


Jennie said...

Tell me about it - the eyes have it!
Maybe do the eyes shut, a curved line with some lovely lashes? Drawing it out with an airaisable pen first helps!xx

Rie said...

Love her hair-do, bet she never wakes up with bed hair!

Sally said...

How is the face going??? Finished yet?