18 October, 2011

Bit of This and That

I have been fiddling around with bits & pieces. Trying new crochet patterns out & ripping them out. Trying out different yarn I bought at a bargain price probably for good reason but I am determined to use it. It's quite alright, I am just not used to using thicker yarns for crochet yet.

Anyway, I finally finished all 3 of these cats from the first Meet Me at Mike's book. I finished one off awhile ago as it went as a present already. While I was making that I did another one for a baby due any day now. I also did one for DJ as he doesn't have one & they are simple enough, I just didn't rush with these 2. I was determined to finish stuff off now though before starting a few new things.
I also got quite excited by a book BJ got at the library today. It's this one...

Now for any crafty folk that have small children & are reading this, this book is for you too! Check out this link from amazon where you can look inside a few pages. It seems all the books illustrated by Clare Beaton are done with sewing collage pictures using felt, fabric, buttons, sequins, you name it, she uses it. This one is awesome, plus at the end it gives you info on each of the animals found in the north of the world so that is nice for us lot down on the bottom of the world. Just the cover of Secret Seahorse had me sucked in & I had to look through the preview for that one. Well there is one illustrator that I would enjoy looking at picture books of that is for sure.

Okey dokey, that's for me the day. Time to go & read a grown up book in bed. Hahaha... I just realise I am reading a book about sewing too! Laura's Handmade Life - nice easy relaxing read for the busy mum! Seeya!


Sally said...

Those kitty cats are great! I can't remember them in the book... perhaps I need to borrow it from the library again.

That book looks good too. I love "crafty" pictures - me thinks that is why I love 'Charlie & Lola' so much.

Enjoy your read too. Always good to unwind at the end of a long and exhausting day... if you can manage to keep your eyes open that is :)

Taylor Made said...

I love discovering books with so much crafty detail...I am sure the detail is lost on the children though.

Love the cats too. x