27 October, 2011

Our Creative Spaces

Today I am sharing creativity with BJ. Yesterday we stopped at Spotlight & he spotted a couple of things in the craft corner that I thought would be nice for us to decorate & stuff. He was quite excited. So this morning it was just about our first thing of the day of course. He concentrates on it quite well for a time, but I did have to finish it off. Plus he doesn't like getting his hands dirty so heaven forbid he actually got a spot of paint on his fingers! Anyway, the yellow pig money bank is outside drying still. His feet will need a touch up. I wonder what we will end up decorating him with next. Stickers or painted spots or something?

If the pig wasn't enough, he actually wanted this wand as well. So I gave in & bought a wand! It is actually a Pirate Wand of course. We tried to find pirate things in the shop yesterday to go on it but didn't find anything, so I will raid my scrapbook papers as I have some there. (yes I have scrapbook papers. No I don't scrapbook but I do buy the paper cos I like them. I wish more of the designs were on fabric! )

Some how in the middle of this & a baby that won't sleep much for me today ( & me who desperately would like to sleep!) I am also trying to get through a couple dozen sets of blocks for an order & to get some more in my shop for Christmas shoppers. So there are loads on BJ's farm table for lack of anywhere else at the moment to put them all. Oh well, it's only temporary.

Check out some other creative people today won't you!

ETA I keep trying to add comments on others but am getting the message I don't have permission to the view the page. Don't know if it is me or not. Some are working just fine!


Christie said...

Yay for Spotlight! We did this during the school holidays, I'm pretty sure we even bought the star wand too. The kids loved it! (If only mine didn't like getting covered in paint! Sigh.)

Mika said...

I'm loving how you captured the concentration on his face as he paints his piggy.

Love it!

Taylor Made said...

Wow you guys have been busy...check out all those blocks...great job at juggling every thing.

Have a great rest of the week.

Sally said...

Oh my. I wish I had children that didn't like getting their hands dirty!