01 November, 2011


Did you watch The Waltons way back in it's hey day? I have series 1 & have been watching that lately, just for the sake of something to listen to while working away on blocks. I've actually really enjoyed watching it again. It's nice, simple easy watching stuff. Nice to have a bit of that now & then.

I haven't had much craft time as I have spent all my in between moments & evenings most of all working on blocks trying to get them done. They are almost so I will be pleased as I have been itching to start the Hitchhiker scarfy thing over on ravelry. In the meantime, I will have a restock of sets in my madeit shop in a few days so stay tuned for some great Christmas ideas. Poky Little Puppy is my most popular set & it will be there too. It seems to be the most popular Golden Book for a very long time to a lot of people!

What was your favourite Golden Book? I don't remember having Poky Puppy but we probably did have it. Can't remember it though. It isn't in the collection I have now though that I have kept all these years. I think my favourite was The Golden Egg Book, not that I remember what it was about. I will have to read it to BJ sometime. I also remember The Wait-For-Me Kitten. Must read that too. We have a large collection of these books now as we have mine & Stuart's on the shelf in BJ's room so there is no shortage of variety either as we both had quite different tastes! Guess mine were girl tastes & his were boyish types. I will have to dig a couple out for bedtime reading for BJ. I find reading to him quite a nice relaxing part of my evening these days. Happy reading!

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Sally said...

My fav golden book was one about a dog that moves house and then runs away back to the old house... I'll have to find out what it was called.
Nope - never watched the Waltons.