06 November, 2011

Loving Spring

Finally we have some action on the chicken coop! Stuart got a bit of a start today with a little help from BJ of course.

I had a little creative play time. I was actually doing the ironing & then had it in my head to find something & ended up pulling fabrics out to make a pair of pants instead for DJ. I had actually received an email regarding one of Made By Rae's patterns & I hadn't looked at her blog for a while so off I went to browse. Well that was it as I found the free pattern for baby pants. DJ is in desperate need of something cooler right now. I have lots of clothes for him from BJ but they are all turning into the wrong season clothing. Bother. He is going to miss out on wearing some really nice stuff! Anyway, I used this pattern for her Basic newborn pants & these are the first result.

They are quite tight on the chubby & long boy. So I made another pair & cut them about an inch wider & about 2 inches longer & ended up with a perfect fit - for now anyway! At the rate this boy is growing they won't fit long. They are roomy enough for the cloth nappy underneath though so that is good. The first pair will fit better with a disposable.

I have pulled out some more left over fabrics that I have enough of to make a couple of other pairs & I think he will be right for a wee while in the pants department. Yay, it was nice to have a little play, it was nice to be (easily) distracted from the ironing, & nice to have a finished piece.

This one is just for the cute factor.


Anonymous said...

They are soooo cute. I love the material.bultie

Sally said...

MEGA cute factor!