18 November, 2011

Octonauts Treasure

Well finally BJ's long awaited special gift arrived, well after his reward chart was finished with what he needed to achieve for the gift. But he doesn't understand time like that so it was probably more of an issue to me than him. But it was well worth the wait. The Gup-A is prized possession right now. In fact, it is sitting right next to him in bed so he can see it right away when he wakes. It really is great! He is super impressed that it came especially to him in a plane from a long long way away.

Also whipped up some cute pants for DJ this morning. I just had to make use of this fabric. It is the cutest ever. It is from a range called World of Susybee. If you click that it will take you to the website for her gorgeous artwork & textile collection. Wow! They are totally terrific! I am in love with the murals she has done on bedroom walls! The dolphin room at the Sick Kids Hospital is gorgeous! Then check out the textiles. This is Lewe the sheep range of fabric.
We have part of the range at work & I had to get this stuff for sure. I am still thinking who I could make the cot quilt for. DJ has enough really so he sure doesn't need one. I will get the panel anyway as I am sure it won't last long.

I really like the growth chart for Zoe too. How cool is that giraffe? For anyone that likes giraffes this one is for you. The cot panel, the growth chart, the stripe, all totally gorgeous. I love the cot panel for Zig too. We only have the sheep at work though so I had better stick with that for the moment. The pattern for the pants anyway are from Made By Rae again. Too easy. Two pieces of fabric & a wee bit of sewing! It took me longer this morning to put the elastic in than to sew them up, that's how quick they are! DJ isn't going to fit this pattern for long though. I have added inches to all sides & about 3 to the length!

Have a great weekend! I will, although a wet one by the sound of it!

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Taylor Made said...

Hey gotta love pressies and rewards all round.
Love the little pants..you had better get to work and keep up sizing by the looks though! x