08 November, 2011

Sleep Stories

I am constantly amazed at the imagination & thoughts my 3­½ year old has. Everyday something else he says or his play acting really amazes me. I swear I will remember each & every moment but I know that is not likely. A video camera is on hand but still doesn't catch those sudden moments that are just that - sudden & unexpected. This morning in the car on the way to his Gran's place he was telling me about his Sleep Story. (Something about Daddy & his face doing weird things! hmmm...) We got to Gran's & he started on about his Sleep Story again. I just find this fascinating. What a great name for a dream that is. I am wondering if he has seen it on some TV show recently that I have missed it. But it is a good name. If he saw it on TV & he worked out it is a dream then that is pretty cool. If he has come up with the name all by himself I am not sure, but it is a pretty cool thing if he did! Anyone know what it may have come from if on TV?

We have been enjoying a bunch of great books from the library lately. So many cool books out there for kids & for shaping their minds even more. I have so many books myself to read at the moment though it's crazy! Got 2 at Kmart today for just $4 each - bargains! You may remember recently I was reading this one...

I really enjoyed it. A nice chick lit book with inspiration in the embroidery details at the start of each chapter. I thought this was too nice a book to keep & there are plenty of people out there that would appreciate the embroidery parts in it as well as an easy read. So I thought I would have a giveaway for it. I really hope that whoever gets it that they themselves will pass it on again when they are done with it. But that's up to them of course, but it's a nice thought. So if you would like to have a read of this book leave a comment with some info about a good book you have read recently & I will give it until Saturday & BJ can draw it for me then. Probably it will only be mum that will end up with it (Hi mum!) cos she's about the only one I know that reads this regularly anyway. But as long as I can share it with someone somewhere I don't care! lol Sorry, but I need to keep it within Aussie.


Taylor Made said...

Hey I love your little updates and sharings here......and I love to read books too so I wouldn't be sad to win such a lovely thing that I could then pass onto to someone else to read. (great idea).

Anonymous said...

I just love it when BJ has all these stories and he gets so excited about telling everyone all his thoughts.
I have quite a lot of books to read at the moment, but don't mind having another one.