09 September, 2011

No More Cake Thanks!

There's been a whole lot of this going on lately! Time for a cake break though. You kind of get over it after a while!

Cupcakes at the top are Red Velvet. I don't know what the big deal is with the current trend of these right now as it was really just cake. I sure wasn't going to keep adding red colour to it either to get it any redder! Cream cheese icing was great though.

The next lot were Cappuccino cupcakes. They were a hit but not enough flavour to me. I am getting fussy! The top is interesting as it is baked cheesecake on top instead of just a cream cheese frosting. Good fun to try!

& someone had fun blowing out each candle! lol


Sally said...

WOW - baked cheesecake icing. Very interesting for sure.

My eldest reacts to food colouring... all the sillies set in in a big way... so there is no way I'll be trying red velvet cake any time soon. Suppose I'll just have to be daggy with me ol' fashioned butter cakes and chocolate cakes. LOL.

Melinda said...

Your little boy looks so sweet, and happy.