27 June, 2017

Secret Party Business

Some bias tape making.  

Bias tape turned into lanyards, thanks to hunting down plastic card holders.  I didn't want to have to fork out more for the ready made lanyards or belt clips which weren't cheap.  At least not for a kids party...  lol  So well, after looking at options I just sewed the lanyard to the card holder.  Done.

I was really excited to find this website with Pokemon Trainer Cards.   Personalised & printed & glued to a thick card makes a really fun treat for the kids I think.  I hope DJ loves them.  He hasn't seen these yet.  I have to try to keep something as a surprise I think.  

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Anonymous said...

I think birthday parties used to be much simpler years ago. Maybe we didn't have imagination like you do because you certainly come up with fantastic ideas.