14 May, 2009


I love to play on the swing!
This is Brandon at playgroup yesterday. Was a bit chilly out so he had on the beanie that Gran knitted for him last week. He actually kept it on too! I think it was only because he was too busy to think about the hat!

I finally finished my ornament for the April/May CYO ornament challenge! Phew! Finished it off last night. Now I really need to get into the May ornament for the JCS challenge. The one above is from a Dimensions kit called Christmas Paws Banner. I have had it in my stash for ages. Don't know where or how I got it but most likely I bought it once cos it has a dog on it! It's nice to have it finished after all this time of looking at the kit in a box.
Happy Day!
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Coming for to carry me home...

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