11 May, 2009

Meet my Easter EggIEs!

I know it has been a while since Easter but I still haven't posted my Eggie Family! These were good fun. I saw one in a blog I visit sometimes. She had it in her banner. I looked all over for a pattern for him but there wasn't one at the time. Fiona added it in an Easter craft week so I finally made some on Easter Saturday! They were fun, easy & quite entertaining. Plus I used up some more fabric stash & bits & pieces! You can make your own Eggies too you know! Just go & visit Fiona's blog - Eggies!
Oh & I think I'm allergic to wool! Not very handy at all I know! But I am knitting Brandon a little scarf at the moment & boy is it irritating! Will have to show you that tomorrow, cos it is really nice wool! Just makes me sneeze ALOT!
Have a good day!
"She's a working girl,
she is single and free
She's a mother and wife and
she's proud to be
A working girl"
(9to5 - Dolly Parton)

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coral said...

Very cute ...thay made me smile ...