03 May, 2009

More Knitting

A ball of yarn!
(Can't really call it wool when it is acrylic can you? )

Scarf so far. I'm still plodding along with it. I do a fair bit of unpicking with it as well but I am nearly done I think. I am on the third ball anyway. Not too much longer.

The pattern for this is from a really nice blog...


It took me a little while to get the pattern in my head but I am getting there. I can look at it now & work out where I am at! Progress! It looks pretty good though if I do say so myself. I want to do a skinny one like it for Brandon. We'll see though. I may be totally fed up with it by the end.

Check out that blog anyway as there are loads of free patterns there.

Today is my mum's birthday! Happy Birthday Mummy! We are out for lunch with all her sisters & brothers & my own sister & brother. Will be nice. Plus we are going to mum's for dinner. My sister Judy goes home tomorrow so we have to go there anyway so we may as well eat at the same time! Judy requested roast, even though it is mum's birthday & she should get to choose. Judy prefers the baked potatoes here in Tassie to over on the mainland. Apparently our potatoes are much better. Who knew?

Happy Sunday where ever you may be...

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