04 May, 2009

l-r - Judy, Brandon, Chris, Mum, & myself.
This was on the 3rd May on Mum's birthday. Judy is leaving today to go home to Melbourne. Chris leaves in a couple of days to go back to London. We had a nice lunch out & then dinner at mum's.
Didn't get a lot of anything else done. A little bit of cross stitch, a bit of knitting which included a lot of unpicking unfortunately! Oh well, I am getting good at that bit too now! Oh & I did a little bit of sewing too in the morning. Nothing so far today though. Hopefully tonight I can do some more sewing of bags. Need some more stuff for those though to finish off a few more. I will see if I can get some stuff for those today so I can cut more out.
Nothing much else today. Off to the airport soon to say goodbye to Judy.
Happy Manic Monday folks,

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