20 May, 2009

Not much of anything yet!

This is a sock impersonating a ball of wool! That's all I have done so far but at least I have started. It is a trick that is for sure with the DPNs. I can't do this with Brandon around as I am sure I will poke an eye out & I would rather it wasn't his. That little bit took about 3 hours! Quite a feat. Not very good yet but I am trying. Maybe by the next sock I will be better at it. Changing between needles is tricky. So these might not be very good socks but I am going to get it done -one day.


Milo’s lost a sock
He’s searched high and low
Odd socks here
Odd socks there
Odd socks everywhere
Spotty spotty socks
Pink and purple spots
Red spots and yellow spots
Do they match Milo’s socks?
No they don’t!
From the kids show Tweenies

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