30 May, 2009

More books to drool over...

I recently had this one from the library but didn't get a chance to do anything with it much & it had to go back of course. Greedy library! It's another lovely book though & included patterns in it of all the projects included.
I haven't had this one from the library yet as it is so new that they don't have it yet. I saw it in Picture Patchwork in Latrobe the other week. I looked at it only. Very good of me not to buy it on the spot. It was lovely.

This one I just picked up from the library yesterday. So I have a couple weeks to drool over this one. I am the first person to get it from the library too as it is only new in. So it is all new & pretty & clean. Hopefully I can keep it that way with out someone getting his little mitts on it! It too is a lovely book & includes patterns in it to make all the things inside. Hopefully I get all inspired soon to do some sewing again. I am still too sniffly to care much about anything but looking at pictures in it! lol
Our aspirations are wrapped up in books
Our inclinations are hidden in looks
Wrapped up in Books - Belle & Sebastian

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