02 May, 2009

This was my first bash at knitting after a long long time. Spotlight had some great multi coloured wool/yarn that I had to have. This one was the first thing I tried. It was the pattern on the label on the balls. Very basic, simple & probably quite boring really. But it was good practice. I needed a reminder on how to cast on, which was one thing I did remember quite easily as it turned out. I was thinking all the way through about how to bind off! But once I got there I remembered that too. It was good practice for picking up stitches or taking out the needle & undoing a row & putting them all back on again! lol In the days when I used to knit I never did things like that. That was what mum was there for! So now making myself fix mistakes is quite something. It really isn't difficult. Even when the kid takes the needles out of your knitting & you have to put it all back to together, it isn't as hard as I expected it to be. Hopefully that doesn't happen again. My own fault for leaving it where he could play with it of course! Oh & it didn't happen with this one, that was with the one I am currently doing which is more of a challenge! lol So that is my first bit of knitting. Wasn't too bad & I have even worn it out a couple of times. Not bad either. Usually when I knit anything I hated the sight of it by the end & would give it to mum. I will probably just have to put anything I make away for a time so I don't have to look at it & then get it out a while later & it will be different & new again!
Ok, off to vote for some council thing before I forget! Lazy Saturday here, which means house work basically. Not quite so lazy. Better do some while Stuart is home as well, so he can play with Brandon.
Happy Saturday.

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