21 May, 2009

Eye Spy with my little eye...

These are a couple of my eye spy bags. They are fabric bags with white beads in that you can see through the clear square. Inside with the beads are 30 different things. Basically you have to find them all. They have proved very popular so I have made a couple now. I love them. Kids love them. Best of all, adults have really enjoyed looking for all the things in there.
Going to be a long day today. Brandon has a cold. I have no sleep. Did a lot of Photobucket in the night so I am ready for a nap. & it's not even 10am yet. It won't be an exciting day anyway.
Oh my rockin chair
Rock me tender in the night air
Oh my rockin chair
Rock me back and make me be there
Rocking Chair - Cyndi Lauper

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Susan said...

Love the bags, Mandy! They'd be great for kids stuck in bed, with a cold or the like.

Great Idea

Craf tea wench