31 January, 2014

Things I'm Loving

I have been discovering some new blogs.  I have been having a look around Pinterest & crossing over to many new to me blogs!  It's been lovely.  I had a good clean out of my list of blogs I was following, though not so well it seems.  There were quite a few that haven't had new posts in a few years so I was well behind.  Ooops...  So I had a clean up of my reading list.  It feels good.  I have started following some new blogs of things that interest me in my current crafting state!  Isn't it funny how things change - & really you don't even realise it much.  Well I didn't anyway!!  It feels like a fresh new start.  

I'm loving my new colours for a CAL over on Ravelry.  It starts this weekend.  A 12" square every 2 weeks.   I have even done a square to give it a whirl to see how it goes.  It's different yarn than I have used in the past.  That was always acrylic.  This is actually wool!  Posh!  lol  But it feels lovely so far.  It should be very warm for who ever the lucky person is that ends up with it.  

I'm also loving that this is the really old computer that is currently working for us.  Lucky for us that we have it to use right now.  

I'm still enjoying the slow summer days very much.  I am not looking forward to school next week as at the moment I still have 3 lazy week day mornings.  It's bliss.  It's going to be a challenge I think to begin with for all of us this 5 day a week school business!  

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Farm Gate Creations said...

I'm doing the same - the big clean out of the Blog List. You'll certainly notice the difference with the wool over the acrylic and good luck with your squares.

Emma/Itzy said...

I keep meaning to do the same and have a good clear out here on my blog and on facebook!

I love the colours of the wool!

Leonie Kiwiatheart said...

I need to do the same, some fresh blogging reading material!

We have school starting next week too and Im dreading it!

Those colours you have chosen are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

General comment:
This time last year before school started you were not a happy girl - agreed? Did all bad things come to pass? No! I thought not LOL Enjoy this return to school - one is fun! JJ

Meghan M said...

A good clear out of the blog reading list from time to time is always wise - and you're right our interests definitely change over time so good to go with that flow - school's back here this Friday - a nice easing in with only 1 day and then the weekend again!

Sally said...

Mmmm... maybe I should do the CAL with my old colours just to get enough squares to finish it all off... mmm... I'm thinking about it.
Same CAL as last time or new group?

Bron said...

Doesn't February feel like the New Year has begun...all the best with school back today. xxx