29 January, 2014

January Sew Crazy Challenge

Well I finally got to it.  On the first day of the year I saw this challenge.  It came up a few days later.  There were a few options on what to make.  This is what I picked to try.  I can sew, yes.  But I am scared of zips.  I haven't done many.  In fact, I usually avoid them.  But I need to move on from that don't I!  So a couple of weeks ago I got the zipper pouch cut out of stash.  Yay!  I even had the zips!  Double Yay!  

But then time was an issue.  & then the computer was an issue.  I finally had some time in between adjudicating boys again today.  I have got them all sewn up.  Only took about 10 minutes!  

Well there we have it.  Two little lined bag things that I don't really know what to do with!  The flower one is the left overs of one of the shopping bags I made around Christmas time so I might send it there.  A matching pair!  Then she can decide what to do with it.  lol  


Bron said...

Oh where has this month hone...I had good intentions.
Great job with your zippered pouch. There will be no stopping you now.

Sally said...

Lovely pouches. I didn't get to the challenge at all in January. SO much going on.

You've made some great fabric choices - stash busting???