17 January, 2014

Things I'm Loving

Afternoon heat got to the little guy on the floor.  

Lovely summer beach time.  We aren't water people really so it's quite something for us to hang out there.  

Laying down playing trains... it must be good down at that level...  or he was tired after the beach & from the heat.  

Finally getting some nights out on the deck for tea!  

Something was blowing up!  & he does the actions & noises.  

Whispering to the little one...  Not that the little one has a clue, he just agrees with everything anyway!  

Joining in with Meghan.  


Bron said...

They are adorable ..looks like you are really enjoying the last few weeks of the school holidays. We are in for more heat here too this weekend. xxx

Meghan M said...

Oooh so cool to see your wee guys just hanging out and doing life together - I kinda wish we had some of your heat - it's been a bit of a rubbish summer so far here!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what he's whispering to his brother? Looks like you are keeping yourselves all very busy.