28 January, 2014


Well you certainly have to be happy with a long weekend!  Especially when the day is as lovely as the day before!  It was nice that we had this day at home to hang out after our busy one on Australia Day.  We could just relax.  Stuart still did potter in the garden.  Of course a garden is never done.  Always work to do.  Always house work too but with the boys at each other in the morning I was spending my time as adjudicator more than anything.  

Things picked up during the afternoon with finally getting the boys outside.  Sprinklers work a treat!  A picnic was also in demand.  Stuart came out with the camera obviously!  lol  Not a good picture.  Oh well.  But there we are!  

Stuart had a laugh at me.  It's not the first time I have sat outside in summer working on stuff!  Yesterday was a bit more hand stitching of binding.  He took the pictures & laughed & said I had to blog it!  So here I am!  Yes, sitting outside on the deck enjoying summer.  But I can't sit there & do nothing.  

Finally I did get that sucker done though!  Here is my Happy Quilt in all it's glory.  I was going to get some better pics cos the colour quality again is poor but that extra pair of feet under there is just a bit cute!  This is the fabric Happy by Me & My Sister from a couple of years ago.  I really love it.  Obviously!  It was a jelly roll.  I don't think I had a pattern.  Just sewed the rows in sets of 4 & cut them.  I can't remember now as the quilt top was done a couple of years go.  But the rest was on my list to finish off!  So I have quilted this one the other week when I did the whole bunch.  This is the last of the bunch that needed the binding on.  So I am happy & done with that for now!   I love this fabric.  This quilt is mine.  The designers have had a few since but I still like this one better than all of them.  

Finished off with a perfect evening out on the deck with some beautifully delicious baked food out of the barbeque.  It's a new barbeque that was for Christmas but we only got last week.   It bakes food beautifully!  Roast chicken & jacket potatoes tonight!  Delicious!  It will be a great one in winter for a baked meal I think.  

Got to be HAPPY with a day off like that one!


Hanne said...

Hi from Norway :) Thanks for visiting my blog!
What a nice blog you have, I've joined as a follower.
Seems like you had a lovely weekend, quite a contrast to here, we've had almost one metre of snow last couple of days! Nice photos of you and your kids :)
Love your Happy Quilt!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the quilt, it looks lovely with all the colours. And I love the feet under there.
Lovely time of the year to have bbqs

Bron said...

Gotta love big shady trees and picnics xx

Sally said...

Of COURSE you are sitting outside crafting. What else would one do other than read a book? If you're reading though you're out of the action - so a bit of hand stitching is PERFECT for the deck.

Loving your quilt. It sure is a special one. I have plans to sew a top with blocks like that - I bough a jelly roll that I thought I'd sew the stips like that. The fabric you've used is so lobely - I'm really pleased you're keeping it for yourself - you certainly deserve something this beautiful.