04 January, 2014


When you were a kid did you have a suncatcher?  One that you put the little coloured crystals in a metal frame & then cook in the oven?  

I had seen a few of them around in the last few years that were just ones you coloured in or something but not the baking ones.  But wow, I found some baking ones at Australia Post sometime last year.  We had never done them as they were a bit girlie really.  We gave one to a school friend for her birthday last year.  

But now Santa gave the boys one each.  Yay for Santa!  This morning we had some fun filling them up.  OK, so they aren't really meant for 2 year olds, but we humour ourselves as we know if BJ has something DJ needs the same.  Santa obviously thinks the same as us!  lol  

DJ started out OK with my help, but then the thing moved & we had to shift it onto another tray.  The whole thing was all mixed up.  So DJ just went with it & filled it up messy.  

So here we are!  BJ's lion, DJ's hippo.   I had fun, so I busted open the other 2 that I had bought at some point or other, (with or without Santa!) & did the fish & bird.   They are so cool!  They look good in the window.  


Sally said...

Never had a sun catcher... Boo-hoo. Have to go to the post office next week though to renew my licence so I'll be keeping an eye out. The hippo is my favourite.

Bron said...

Oh yes we had them as kids...I remember what fun we had...it is great to revisit these things with our own kids.
We'll done Santa xx