15 January, 2014

Nothing To Show But A Clown

 Tell me!  Who quilts & binds quilts in the middle of summer?  Huh?  Don't tell me it's just me!  lol  Unfortunately the urge has struck.  It struck at the same time as the summer heat did!  But that's OK really.  I am still powering along.  I have only one quilt left to quilt.  For now.  Then I can clear my mess off the dining table & return to sewing corner & restore order of sorts.  As a result of the quilting there is no crafty stuff to show right now.  You don't want to see me fighting the quilt to fit it under the machine to quilt it.  I think the one I just did is the worst one I have ever done.  I don't think I could attempt anything bigger than a single bed quilt on my machine to quilt.  

Unfortunately that did remind me of another lovely one I should dig out of the depths to show you.  I think that may end up being my first ever quilt that I will have to pay someone to do.  When I am digging again for stuff sometime I should get it out & get on with that one.  It's a pretty one.  Very pretty, & that's not me really!  So it will be quite a change for me!  

OK, so I will leave you with the resident clown!  On Sunday he hurt himself.  Quite a good graze on the knee.  It was actually the first time he had really hurt himself.  Grazes hurt.  He cried for about an hour.  I had to sit & rub his knee for another hour after that.  (It did get me out of finishing mowing the lawn mind you!)  I did finally get a break though & Stuart got to do some cuddling & knee rubs too.  He finally cheered up.  

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