10 January, 2014

Things I'm Loving

Snapping pics of my 2 boys having loving moments together.  
Plus it isn't very often I can see in the big boy, that face of him as a little toddler, but I captured it here.  Usually I only see it when he is asleep.  Ahhh....  my baby...  

Rainbows.  We love rainbows in our house.  For one thing they are a sign of promises.  I like that.  A constant pretty reminder.  For another thing they are really cool.  This one was a full bright rainbow which then turned into a double.  It was amazing.  A complete double rainbow!  We were so impressed that I went out in the rain & experimented with the camera a bit which was fun except for the standing in the rain bit, but really, that wasn't so bad either.  I didn't shrink or anything.  It was amazing that the colours showed so well, plus there is that dark arch between the rainbow & it's double.  I had never seen that before.  

I am loving the not stinking hot summer too.  Shhhh... don't tell anyone!  I think I wouldn't be popular.   People are complaining about our weather.  I agree with the wind factor, I definitely hate the wind.  But I love these quite balmy days.  Not stinking, melting, skin burning in five minutes kind of  hot!  Yay!  It's lovely. 

Loving the lazy days too.  Ahhh...  just hunting around finding some budget friendly things for us to do.  It's nice.  

It's been great being so productive again this week!  More fabric gone from the cupboard!  It's such a good feeling.   


Anonymous said...

Aren't they just beautiful. BJ is just so good with the little one.

Bron said...

I love rainbows too...that is spectacular...no chance of seeing one here anytime soon....44 c predicted tomorrow!!!!!!!

Cuteness overload with the boys...well done capturing the moment. x

Kim said...

Wonderful pictures of your handsome boys! I love rainbows too - great capture, they can be so hard to get a good picture of!

Meghan M said...

The photos of your boys are precious - I love catching them when they are deep in thought like that. And rainbows are simply awe inspiring - so cool that you got a double!

Sally said...

Great pic of the boys together. Heart warming... and as for weather... me thinks there is some hot stuff coming your way from the west. Sorry.