11 January, 2014

Nice Days

A spot of basting the other day.  Note to self - don't baste on the floor after a meal. 

Today we had a beautiful summer day!  I took the boys 2 houses over for a birthday party all afternoon.  It was lovely.  They had a water fight.  It was fun to watch.  I was flat out filling water balloons.  That takes an age!  

When we got home, Stuart had finished making this.  He bought the bits of pipe this morning.  Put it together while we were out.  The soaking wet boys had a blast running through this as well!  Then out of the wet stuff only to warm up a little & go back out under there again.  I think it will get a bit of use in the next few days.  


Bron said...

That sprinkler is seriously cool, I am going to show my husband that for our kids....44 c today.....luckily much cooler this next week. X

Sally said...

That is some serious sprinkler action - I'm feeling all inspired. (I'd have really enjoyed it over the weekend as I sweltered along with Bron in the 44C heat!)

Great to see you basting too. Love the cushion under your knees - now why haven't I thought of that??? Smart.