21 January, 2014

Saturday Stash Sewing

It's amazing what you can get done on a day when it is too hot to be outside at 9.30am & when your computer doesn't work! ( Ekkk...  still working on fixing that with fingers & toes crossed.  So this will be minimal blogging for now.  Darn that.  Just praying some stuff can be saved!) 

Anyway, Saturday I decided to use up this bunch of fat quarters that were in the cupboard taking space up & not really my style anymore.  There are some that are quite a few years old.  I did quite some chopping though.  (my shoulder is still telling me I did too much!) 

I had seen this pattern for the Stack & Slash quilt.  Not too hard by the look of that!  So I went to it.  Spent a hot day cutting, sewing, stacking & slashing.  & wow, for a stack of old fashioned florals that are a bit dated it came up quite well.  I am really pleased with how it came out that is for sure!  I am extra pleased at how I have used up a was of fabric!   I don't know when it will move from quilt top stage but that doesn't matter right now.  It is giving me much fun just using & sewing.  The quilt top piecing is the fun part for me anyway! 

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Anonymous said...

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