27 January, 2014

Australia Day

Our 4th Annual gathering at Fell Farm was yesterday!  We had a few less people than we have had but it was still a lot (over 20) & it was still loads of fun!  The weather was perfect.  Not scorching hot & no wind to spoil it.  Just perfect for a barbeque, jumping castle & sprinklers!  

We are lucky as friends own the castle that goes up easily.  What a bonus that was to have it here for the day!

Stuart had to get in to help the little ones up onto the slide top!  

DJ was the first under the sprinkler.  This was a hit with all the other kids.  They were under it for ages.  That made it extra worthwhile for Stuart to make it!  

I got these cute little dixie cups for the children to have their icecream in.  That was a hit.  They had their choice of toppings too - chocolate or strawberry topping, sprinkles, nuts, mini marshmallows.  Couldn't go wrong with that could we?  

We needed shade as our sun here burns in no time.  So this is always well used on the day.  

Another perfect day!  Another enjoyable day catching up with old friends & the family.  Great start to the year & a great end to the holidays as school routines are soon to begin.  


Siddis back home said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, very much appreciated! It seems like you had a wonderful day with friend and family, enjoy the weather, here it is cold and stormy, but no snow in Stavanger. Have a nice week!

Sally said...

Dixie cups. Love it. Such a cute idea. Australia Day at your place looks fantastic. Woo-hoo.

Bron said...

What a great slide...looks like a fun way to spend our national day. xxx