03 January, 2014

Things I'm Loving

I thought I might try to play along with this for a bit & see how I go!  Thanks to Meghan for hosting this one!  

  • Loving the holidays.  Although I have had to work for my usual 2 days this week it's still been quite laid back here.  Love that feeling.
  • Using stash.  Had ideas for ages for some of & finally making time to play.  
  • Love being in the mood to bust stash!  
  • Love watching the boys playing games...  really early.  This was before 9am just before I was leaving for work.  Lots of time for games it seems!  
  • Love surprise visits at work from my boys!  Especially the little one that runs in, throws his arms open & yells "Surprise"!  
  • Loving all the inspiration in blogland for all the crafts out there.  So much to see & do.
Short list this time...  Will think on it more in the weeks to come & hopefully get a little more in.  

Thanks for reading.  


Sally said...

Loving the image in my mind's eye of your little one running calling out "surprise". Awesome.

Meghan M said...

So cool to have you join in this week! Love your loves - I too am loving the holidays - it's going to be hard getting up at 5.30am on Monday when I've gotten used to staying up till midnight the past 2 weeks! I love how being on holiday promotes so much game playing - wish it could continue all year round!

PaisleyJade said...

What a dream job working in a craft shop!! Great list xk

Bron said...

Yay great list of loves...happy boys while mumma works is always a good thing xxx